Summer fashion is a must!

Time flies since our vacation in Asia. I had really great time together with families and friends and of course I should not forget to mention the shopping moment. Since I was on vacay, shopping is one on the list and finding out what to buy is not that easy. But I did really got some best buys.

So when we came back home, I found out that I still did not have perfect summer outfit. So my next option will be checking online at A friend of mine recommends this page and it is really worth checking for. They have all what women’s need.

Easy Soy Milk Preparation

Body builder or any individual that want to put more protein on your diet, soy milk is one of the best source of protein.

Soy Milk Preparation
2 cups of soybeans

15 cups of water, Pot and Cheese Cloth

Soak the Soy Beans
Start by allowing your soy beans to soak overnight in a bowl of water. You may notice that the beans tend to absorb the water, and increase in size. Next, drain any remaining water from the beans, and scoop about a cup into your blender. Add fresh water at a ratio of about three parts water to one part beans.
Blend the Soy Beans

Blend. Once your beans have been transformed into a pulpy liquid, pour them into a large pot. Repeat with the rest of your beans, until you have a full pot of the blended soy mixture.

Cook the Soy Beans

Set your burner on high, and bring to a rolling boil, stirring frequently. You may notice a frothy foam begin to form on the surface – if so, simply remove and continue stirring. Add in your sugar to taste, and your orange, ginger, or vanilla.

The total boiling time should be about 20 minutes, and feel free to be creative in what you add for flavor. Just don’t add any cow milk, which, you know, kind of defeats the whole purpose here.
Strain the Soy Milk

Clip a piece of cheese cloth to another pot, and when the time is up, pour the soy milk through it, and allow the pulpy mass to collect in the cloth. When all the milk has been strained, squeeze any remaining milk from the pulp, allow the liquid to cool, then transfer to a container in your fridge.

And drink it! Yum. And before you toss it out, know that the pulpy leftover is called “okara,” and can be used to make things like soy burgers or soy chili. You can also use it to feed your vegan horses and pigs, too, if you’ve got any.
see in the picture above that was the finish products..

Checking out possible gifts for relatives and friends

Since we have now the ticket for our vacation next month the next thing to do is to find presents or gifts to our dear ones. It is very normal for us to give gifts when arriving or visiting them once we reach there. In our culture once you give something little then you will be remembered always.

Last week, I was in the mall and found some items for gifts but I need more. Actually I am looking for jewelry as it is not heavy to bring. Good enough that I check some jewels at for mikimoto jewelry. These jewelry are known as durable and real. So this might be my option. Ordering online is the most easiest way to do so!

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