Today, thanks to modern technology, all kinds of design ideas and our own desire, we can equip the kitchen as stylishly and conveniently as possible.
If you have a large kitchen, it will not be so difficult to equip it. It is much more difficult to answer for yourself the question of how to equip a small kitchen so that it is functional and fulfills all the tasks assigned to it.

A large kitchen or a small kitchen, it, first of all, should be practical for the hostess.

It is practicality and ergonomic approach to the question of how to equip the kitchen that will help to find the right ideas and solutions on the way to the ideal design and interior of the kitchen.
We decided to help those who are wondering how to equip a kitchen, in particular, how to equip a small kitchen, presenting you some tips on this topic, as well as showing you a mega large photo selection "How to equip a kitchen beautifully and functionally."
How to equip a small kitchen: effective tips
The first answer to the question of how to equip a small kitchen will not litter the space. It's simple: less unnecessary things, more space.
If you have a small room and you don’t know how to equip the kitchen to make the area seem larger, use plain textures. Walls painted in bright colors and monophonic gloss tiles are an excellent option for this.
The second answer is how to equip a kitchen of a small size, choose furniture with the same facades and refuse different upper drawers. The kitchen in this design visually steals your space. Also, if the kitchen is small, you can safely abandon the top of the kitchen drawers, thereby making the room more spacious and brighter.
The third answer, how to equip a small kitchen as functionally as possible, is to make the maximum work surface possible, removing all the additional kitchen accessories on shelves or cabinets.
If you like to do it yourself, you can make small racks for kitchen items that will not only help to hide kitchen utensils, but also decorate the interior of your kitchen.kak-obustroit-kukhnyu-foto-1
If you prefer to order kitchen furniture from the manufacturer, consider how many and which shelves you will need in order to conveniently lay out everything you need, how deep the cabinets in your kitchen will be.
Another piece of advice on how to equip a small kitchen so that it is comfortable and stylish in design is to choose several lighting options. Lighting does not happen much, but in the kitchen it is simply necessary.
Especially lighting is relevant if the hostess likes to cook late at night, or the family likes to spend winter evenings in the kitchen with a cup of tea.
The next piece of advice on how to equip a small kitchen is to use sliding furniture and convertible furniture, which will save space and make the kitchen design very functional.
An example of such kitchen furniture can be a transformer dining table, which you can always easily fold to free up the necessary space, or folding chairs, which will also help to use the kitchen area correctly.
 Also you can buy a table of a non-standard form. It is also suitable for a small kitchen.
If you do not know how to equip a small kitchen beautifully, think about whether to abandon volumetric curtains in favor of lightweight air curtains or Roman curtains. They will also help visually increase the space of the room in which you are cooking.
Of course, there are still a lot of useful tips on how to equip a small or large kitchen, which should be taken into account when designing the interior of this room.
But the best tips on how to equip the kitchen beautifully and functionally will be our photo ideas, where everything is clear without words. See and decide how to equip the kitchen in your home, both small and large.

How to equip a kitchen: photo ideas for creative housewives

Do facades without glazing
Of course, glazed doors and built-in lighting inside the cabinets add coziness to the kitchen, make it easier, but to create a budget project you will have to love the “dull” facades. In order not to sacrifice style, give preference to light facades (for small kitchens) and glossy coatings that will help make the room visually easier.