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Spaghetti with beef!

We had our own version of Spaghetti with beef tonight for the dinner. I love cooking in my own recipe. I’d love eating at home and we decided yes to have beef with spaghetti instead of having rice for our Saturday night. So for this Saturday NO to rice just for tonight and surely tomorrow will be back to have rice as our usual food.

Well… have to check on more food cooking online to learn how to make food perfectly.

Some foods from the land of Spain!

I cannot resists not to post these pictures taken from our short vacation in Spain last December 2013. That was really great and super yummy food for me. For you 8 euros you will be full with complete dinner plus some entertainment while dining on. It was cozy night along the sea, the restaurant was located along the sea. You can hear the cold breeze at night while enjoying your meal with hot drinks like coffee or any drinks that you prefer too.

I want to get back there one day if given a chance. The place where we was is at Playa del Ingles! That was great place, peaceful and near at all.

These are just some of my favorites during our stay. We really had great time indeed! Lucky that we found a place that was near to this Italian restaurant. Just a minute away from our hotel.



Planning to have a party but can’t decide what to serve? Nibbles and canapés make a decorative and delicious addition to any festivities.

Canapés are a great way to start any party; they keep your guests appetites at bay whilst wetting their appetites. They can be served at any time and make a great alternative to a sit down meal if you want to have a smaller or informal event. These mouth-watering delights can be served on elegant trays, carried by waiters or simply left on tables, for your guests to peruse through at their leisure.

Choosing canapés is a great way to complement a main menu as well as stand-alone nibbles. Served alongside a champagne buffet they make for excellent finger food and also help prevent guests from getting too tipsy before a main meal or event. It is however essential to get the balance correct. Too many canapés and the guests will feel too full before a main meal, however too few and guests are left feeling hungry and may end up drinking much more than you would ever want them to. Finding the balance isn’t always easy with some guests eating one or two whilst others can devour a dozen or more! On average you should allow for somewhere between five and eight canapés per person per hour. Of course this all depends on what time of day the party is and what other food is available, both before and after.

Canapés are very versatile and can easily meet any special dietary requirements including vegetarian and gluten-free options. They can be mixed and matched from various menus, regardless of the theme or style, there are bound to be canapés to suit the occasion. These bite-sized pieces of heaven are a delightful example of decorative French cuisine that can brighten any occasion.

Variety is the key to success with canapés. Guests should be gifted with an array of different flavours and styles. Do not limit yourself to traditional serving suggestions, branch out into other countries cuisines and incorporate them into the selection of canapés for a much wider variety that is sure to please any guest. It may end up seeming like a random selection, but it will pay off.

Having the variety of food means there should be something for everyone, regardless of their differing palates. There is however no excuse for party food being distasteful or too complicated to execute, yet we can all remember a time when the food has been a disappointment. Canapés can be tricky, fiddly things which people worry over, more for their presentation than their taste, this is a backwards attitude. Taste must be paramount, with size and presentation secondary with the best canapés for parties being only a mouthful of delectable food. If you can’t hold a glass of champagne in one hand whilst the other quickly despatches the canapés, you have made them too big so they may be too messy and people will shy away from eating them. A simple and delicious morsel that goes down in a single bite will always be preferable to a big, pretty masterpiece that ends up spilling down a suit or dress.

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