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Tilapia w/Coconut Milk

This is now finished fresh fish w/mustard w/coconut milk

Last week me and siblings decided to have this fish with some vegetables. We seldom cook food at home, but last week it was good to have this one again. For sure some pinoy’s tasted this already. I love to have soup so we did this fresh fish called “tilapia”.
->Coconut Milk
->Fresh Mustard leaves
->Lemon grass

Cooking procedure:
-You have to put the fish, coconut milk together with the lemon grass, onions, ginger and tomato once. Let it boiled and check from time to time if the fish is cooked already. Then put down the mustard leaves. Then add salt for better and good results.

We called this in tagalog as “Ginataang Tilapia”

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